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Plus elegant for mature people.

So that it is possible for a thing to wear refined image with beauty only by you are wearing the pearl of the one grain.
The possibility of own spreads by adding elegant hairstyle and beauty to a style of the each visitor, and shine still more...
With such a wish.

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We offer a hair design with elegance to each lifestyle.
Kobe, Kitano that a living with the exoticism breathes at good quality are locations.
The style that adults who matured longed for has been sent in what time of times by this town.
It is for the feeling that is more elegant than oneself usual by coming here.
The beauty that fitted one one colors an everyday lifestyle lively.
It is such a space here.

CroeTre Lift Up Method




What is “Core Tre Lift Up Method”?

To a low frequency-high frequency, while supplying a variety of frequency of current, works on muscles and nerves from the neckline to the head, scalp of sagging, distortion of the face, the wrinkles pulling up, and often the flow of lymph and blood. In addition, it established a autonomic nervous, because there is an effect that will enhance the self-healing power, will beauty regimen that will established a whole body from the inside.

It's recommended to such one.
* You have a severe neck, stiff neck.
* You feel that you are ill-conditioned for somberness of the skin, skin roughness * Your face has sagged.
* You are interested in a bear under the eye.
* You feel languid, and it's heavy.
* You feel Hari of hair and a lower back to disappear.